Sunday, July 4, 2010

Cerita Duyung Lelaki Pertama Malaysia

Yup.. The new Malaysian drama series. Although I personally think this guy (Zachary, former X-factor boyband group) is not a good actor but at least we can feast our eyes on the nice pectoral muscles of these hunky Malaysian men. Looks really yummy to me.

I can't wait for the series to start in mid July. Didn't really catch the name of this drama.

Thank you Mr. Creative Drama Director for coming up with such nice series!! Hope the drama will showcase lotsa Malaysian men with nice abs.

Especially this lad:
Ryzal is a very modest man. Tak tahu pun yang dia ada susuk tubuh yang menarik sehinggalah aku berjumpa dengan beberapa keping gambar peribadi di internet Lakonannya selama ini tak pun menunjukkan badan dia yang cantik ni. Mungkin bagi dia bakat lakonan sudah memadai untuk berjaya. (he is indeed a good actor) . Other guys for sure will be using it to get a role in a movie or film. Love you Ryzal.

My kind of sushi. YummY!!

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