Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Gay Lust List

Sepanjang hidup aku sebagai seorang gay, ada beberapa insan yang mencuri perhatian aku dan ada sesetengahnya sampai terbawa-bawa dalam mimpi.

Below is a list of guys that I really have hots for.
Although I know for sure I would never have a chance to meet them, dreaming isn't a crime rite?

My Gay Guy Lust List....
Isn't every gay guy should have one?

Get ready to drool all over your keyboard!!

  • Thomas John Patrick "Tom" Welling
  • DOB: April 26, 1977
  • Profession: Actor, model, director
  • Reasons: I think I came 15 times just looking at his picture ...LOL....

  • Aidil Zafuan & Zaquan Adha (twin)
  • DOB: 3rd August 1987
  • Profession: National Footballers (Negri Sembilan's striker)
  • Reasons: Well, apart from one of them has secretly marries a cradle snatcher, the other twin is rumoured to be gay. (I hope it is true as many reports and findings indicate that there are a huge possibility for a twin to be homosexual... hehe). They are hot!!

  • Matthew Mackendree Lanter
  • DOB: 1983
  • Profession: Actor
  • Reasons: Hot body, piercing eyes, hot body.. again

  • Ashraf Muslim
  • DOB: 1981
  • Profession: Malaysian actor
  • Reason: Nice cute face, hi IQ, hot body.

  • Chef Michael Schulson
  • Profession: International chef (Ultimate Cake-off host)
  • Reason: Cute face, good culinary skill, hot body

  • Jonathan Lee 'Legacy' Perez
  • DOB: ??
  • Profession: Dancer (So you Think You Can Dance)
  • Reasons: Boyish voice, Hot body, hot body, hot body!!!! Another midnight fantasy of mine. How I wish I could stroke his pectoral muscles and washboards abs.. Yummy!

  • Ajim Wakaka
  • DOB: ??
  • Profession: B-Boy Dancer
  • Reasons: I just love his awesome moves, his face and his body.

  • Nikita Rukavytsya
  • DOB: 22 June 1987 (Ukraine)
  • Professions: Australian professional football player (striker).
  • Reasons: Skillful players, nice smile, hot body.

What would I do if I can get 'em?
Hmm... let just say whipped cream, chocolate sauce, lubricating gel, a king size bed and chains come to mind.. ^__^

It isn't wrong to dream really really high rite?

Hope can get a body like them (either on myself or pressing against mine... hehe)
Love them all..

So who's yours?

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